Create music in your browser by clicking with your mouse or keyboard. Then you can share your creations when you are finished! 

108 Screenshot

Use the c, v, b, n, and m keys on your keyboard to create rhythms and share them with a link. 

808303 Studio Screenshot

Click the dots to create beats - you can even have an A.I. start you off! Create a drum beat on the 808 machine, add a bassline on the 303, and then you can download your new piece of music!

Screenshot of Art Beat

Just click the rectangles to create your own rhythms and melodies. In the settings,  you can change the kinds of notes you have to choose from and how many beats you have to work with. You can even hit a random button to have a rhythm and melody created for you!

Assisted Melody Screenshot

Create a melody and have an A.I. harmonize it in the style of Johann Sebastian Bach. Share your work with a link.

Beat Blender Screenshot

Edit the beats in the corners by clicking boxes, and then an A.I. will mutate the beat from one corner to another. Draw a path with a mouse and then move to the beat you've either chosen or created. What is your favorite combination? (Unfortunately, the sharing part of the website is broken at this time.)

Beep Box Screen Shot

Click the boxes to add notes! That's the basics, but there are many different ways you can customize the sound that you created. Then, just copy the URL at the top of the page to share your work!

Blob Opera Screenshot

Drag the blobs to change the notes they are singing. Then use the record button to create a link where you can share your creation! What was your favorite combination?

Clarallel Screenshot

Type your word or a name and a computer will transform it into a harmonized melody. Which do you like better - the major or the minor version?

Drumbit Screenshot

Click the boxes to create a beat. You can change the timbres, tempo, and share the file so that somebody else can open it in the drumbit page on their computer!

Efflux Screenshot

You can create highly sophisticated synth-based music with Efflux, but it is tricky to learn! I highly recommend reading the how-to section of the website!

Groove Pizza Screenshot

What polygons create good rhythms? Find out using Groove Pizza - a circular beat maker. Customize the number of beats per measure, as well as the tempo, timbre, or volume. You can share your creation as a file or a link, but be careful! Those who have the link can also edit your original project!

Isle of Tune Screenshot

Create a road and add decorations - lights, houses, and even plants! When you place a car, the decorations make sounds. What kind of music can you create?

Click on a shape or character and then click on the staff.  Can you design your own video game music?

Click on a square to create a melody. Be careful - the music moves in a way that you're probably not used to, but I bet you can figure it out!

Drum machine screenshot

Click the boxes to add notes to the rhythm. Just copy the URL to share your creation!

Online Sequencer Screenshot

Click to add notes to your piece of music. Drag the edges of the note to make the note longer or shorter. Then, save or download your creation as an mp3 or MIDI file.

Create a visual musical composition in the style of Oskar Fischinger. Click the dots to add sounds and share your work with a link!

Paint with Music Screenshot

Use the paintbrush to paint music on a canvas and then hear what that canvas sounds like with musical notes! 

Pattern Sketch Screenshot

Click boxes to create a rhythm on a drum machine. Your pattern can have anywhere from 1 to 64 microbeats and can be saved in a variety of formats.

Robot Sequencer Screenshot

Click the grid to mix pitched and unpitched sounds. Then share your work with a four-character code!

Shared piano screenshot

Play the piano alone or with a friend! You can record and save an entire session with a link and play it again later!

Songmaker Screenshot

Click the boxes to create music! You can change the meter, timbre, and tonality - this is one of Kate's FAVORITE ways to make music! You can even download your music as a .wav or a MIDI and share it as a link that others can remix into their own music!

Click the squares to create a pentatonic melody. Can you find any songs you already know? Can you create your own piece of music?

Typatone Screenshot

Type letters, and the app will turn them into music! You can use real words or type nonsense to create your own musical compositions that can be shared as a link.

Typedrummer screenshot

Type letters or words to create beats and share those beats as a link. 

WebSID screenshot

This one is a little tricky to figure out, but you can record your own chiptune melodies over a rhythm and share with a link.

Want to try something else?